Shayne Adams, MA, LCPC

I am honored by every client who chooses to share their lives with me.

My clients seek therapy for any number of reasons – some are working through life transitions while others are struggling with more chronic issues.

Life does not come with a manual, and most everyone can benefit from a little guidance navigating through challenging or disappointing times.

Everyone is unique and comes to therapy with their own experiences and responses to life stresses. Deciding to work with a therapist doesn’t mean you are broken or handling things poorly, instead, I believe that it simply means that you are choosing to take control of your response to difficulties in your life.

My role is to assist you to learn about and resolve the issues that bring you to therapy.

My therapeutic approach is collaborative and relaxed. Sessions resemble a conversation – not a traditional doctor/patient visit.

I do not see your concerns through the critical judgmental lens of abnormal psychopathology, instead as your best efforts to navigate through a stressful contradictory world. I want to understand you in the context of your unique experience and assist you work through the issues that trouble you.

Although we often talk about unpleasant things, our sessions should be a positive experience.

Therapy is an active process.

I am an engaged participant during our time together.

It is my job to make you comfortable and safe while we explore what has brought you to therapy. We focus on the issues that you bring to create movement and change towards a positive outcome.

I look forward to talking with you, please contact me and schedule an appointment. You can email me directly or call me at (312) 809-7018.

More About Me

As a clinician I have the fortune to work with many different people and enjoy an eclectic practice.

Regardless of the reason for seeking therapy, everyone has their own experience and perspective – it is an honor to work with them.

I enjoy working with anyone who seeks to actively engage in the process. My particular interests include artists and those in creative fields, adults living with Asperger’s/ASD, young adults adjusting to adulthood, and those in addiction recovery.

Clinical focus includes life transitions, relationships, trauma, and emotional instability.


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