Therapy & Counseling Services

Our primary service is clinical therapy and counseling. These clinical psychotherapy services include traditional therapy, solution-focused/brief therapy, coaching, and couples counseling.

We use a collaborative model of therapy, where sessions are more like a conversation between friends than a traditional doctor/patient relationship. We do not view clients’ issues as coming from an abnormal psychopathology, but instead as your normal reaction to living in a stressful, complex, and contradictory world. It is our job to understand your issues in the context of your unique experience rather than viewing you as having something wrong or being broken. Only then can we as psychotherapists assist you in creating change and feeling better.

Our therapists work with most clients and issues. Particular interests include problems with anxiety (including social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder OCD), couples counseling, substance abuse and addictions, borderline personality disorder (BPD), adults with Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders, trauma and PTSD, and life transitions. In addition, our therapists have a particular interest in working with individuals involved in the creative arts and therapists seeking therapy.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation of issues related to divorce, marriage, and parenting issues. As divorce mediators, we act as neutrals who work with both parties to facilitate the terms of the divorce settlement including any parenting plan (otherwise known as a child custody agreement). This is an option for those going through a divorce, but wanting an option other than the typical litigated process. Our divorce mediation services are only provided to those with whom we have no clinical or therapeutic relationship.

Divorce & Life Coaching

Divorce coaching is a specialized service that specifically addresses an individual’s emotional issues that arise during and resulting from a divorce. In addition to providing support during this stressful time, a divorce coach can help a client:

Communicate more effectively
Prioritize interests and goals
Understand and accept the issues relating to the divorce
Gain insight into divorce related issues

Workplace Services

We provide training and facilitation programs to improve general communication and conflict management skills in today’s increasingly diverse workplace. We bring our expertise to employers to facilitate a positive inclusive environment increasing employee engagement and productivity. Our specialty is quickly assisting workplaces that are currently experiencing a team breakdown and remove the interactive barriers that prevent positive working relationships. Our targeted and customized interventions give employees practical tools and insights that build on organizational diversity & inclusion efforts, while improving communication and conflict management skills.

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