Ana Poulos, MA

You want a happy peaceful life with strong long-lasting relationships where you support one another and feel safe.

But that’s not your life right now.

Instead, your relationships feel so fragile and limited.  You feel things so intensely and oftentimes your anger is more than those closest to you can handle.

The life you want seems so far off.  Maybe you’ve tried therapy before, but nothing seemed to change.

It is possible to work through the difficulties that keep tripping you up in relationships and your interactions with others.  It possible to greet each day with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.

End the emotional roller coaster

I work with women who are tired of the emotional rollercoaster that seems to take control of their lives and relationships.  I know you are doing your best, and I want to help you develop and implement the skills to respond to the ups and downs of life with greater control and clarity.

You are the expert in your feelings – and I want to understand your feelings in the context of your unique experience.  I believe you are honestly trying to respond to the contradictions and disappointments in your life and relationships the best way you can – and that others’ reactions to you only add to your confusion and distress.  Our work will immediately focus on increasing your ability to cope with these feelings of anxiety.

Ana is a pre-licensed clinician and providing therapy under the direct supervision of Erin Johnston MSW, LCSW.  If you are ready to get started, please contact Ana and schedule an appointment.  You can email her directly at or call her at 312-620-1453.

My purpose in our relationship is to assist you actively pursue the life and relationships you want. In the safe, non-judgmental space of my office, we work on your past traumas as they inform your present.

I am on your side.

During our sessions, I am an engaged active participant, while you are supported and free to express your thoughts and feelings. I draw on a variety of techniques to guide you through the unpleasant emotions and process your traumas from the past.

Throughout our work together, I listen to your goals and needs and adjust our focus as necessary.  In addition to various psychodynamic and cognitive modalities, I am certified as a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (DBT).

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