Break down the barriers and claim the life you want.

We are a group of licensed psychotherapists providing comprehensive psychotherapy services to those seeking profound and positive change in their lives.

Psychotherapy focuses on helping people be themselves. We want to bring out the uniqueness of each client, so we created art-filled spaces that celebrate the individual, not the group. In many ways, the art serves to help you remember that you are not alone in your feelings and should not focus on being like everyone else.

We are relaxed, engaged, and active participants in each session. It is our job to help you feel as comfortable and as positive as possible while we help you tackle what brings you to therapy.

Honored by your trust, we look forward to helping you break down the barriers that prevent you from living the life you want.

Our therapists are as unique as our clients. Learn who is the right therapist for you.

Carolyn Cole, MA, LCPC, LMFT, NCC

Are you sad or lonely? Maybe it seems like others just don’t get you? Do you give love to others, but don’t seem to receive the same in return? Are you stuck feeling discontented with your life or relationships?

We should talk!

I’ll help you break down the barriers that are keeping you from living the life you want while changing your relationships and learning to love yourself. You will feel things start to make sense for you as you note the significant changes you choose to make and move forward in your life.

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You can contact me directly via email or phone (312) 809-7017.

Donna Livesey, MSW, LCSW

Regardless of the reason for seeking therapy, I view you as someone who is not satisfied with how they are reacting to our often complex and contradictory world.

I strive to understand your issues in the context of your unique experience rather than a pathological perspective of you having something wrong or being broken. As odd as it sounds, I want you to look forward to our sessions – as we are working on creating the change you want in your life. Together, we work through the issues that are troubling you – identifying the obstacles and figuring out how you want to address them.

Although sometimes this means talking about difficult subjects, it is my responsibility to help you feel comfortable and safe to do so.

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You can contact me directly via email or phone (312) 809-7016.

Shayne Adams, MA, LCPC

I am honored by every client who chooses to share their lives with me.

Everyone is unique and comes to therapy with their own experiences and responses to life stresses. Deciding to work with a therapist doesn’t mean you are broken or handling things poorly. Instead, I believe that it simply means that you are choosing to take control of your response to difficulties in your life.

Life does not come with a manual, and most everyone can benefit from a little guidance in navigating through difficult or disappointing times.

I have a particular interest in working with young adults navigating the transition to adulthood, those in creative fields, as well as adults experiencing problems with Asperger’s/ASD or personality disorders.

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You can contact me directly via email or phone (312) 809-7018.

Erin Johnston, MSW, LCSW

Our sessions should be a positive interaction, even if we are discussing difficult issues.

It is my job to make you comfortable and safe so that we can resolve the issues that have brought you to therapy. My style as a clinician is relaxed, and I use a collaborative model of therapy, where sessions tend to have a ‘feel relaxed in my living room’ versus a traditional doctor/patient relationship.

I seek to understand your issues in the context of your unique experience rather than viewing you as having something wrong or being broken.

I have a particular interest in working with those in creative fields and therapists seeking therapy or those experiencing problems with Anxiety, Asperger’s or Borderline Personality Disorder.

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You can contact me directly via email or phone 312-513-3746.

Sebastino Aviles, MSW, LCSW, MPH

Life is full of changes, some more challenging than others. You keep moving forward, but sometimes the anxiety or distress you’re experiencing feels like more than you can tolerate. You want it to be different. Your feelings are normal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t holding you back.

You know that your life doesn’t have to be the way it currently is. It is a privilege that you share your life with me, and I recognize the strength that it takes to reach out. It is an honor to witness your authentic self emerge.

Through our work you’ll overcome the feelings of anxiety that hold you back. We focus on you discovering and getting to know who you really are – not who you are expected to be.

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You can contact me directly via email or phone 312-620-1456.

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